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Product List

1. Supplement

Product Benefit
Fish Collagen Peptide Skin Beauty , Joint improvement
L-Cystein Beauty Skin
Glycine Beauty Skin
L-Glutamine Beauty Skin
L-Arginine Beauty Skin
Coenzyme Q10 10% Water Soluble Beauty Skin
L-Carnitine Tartate Weight Loss

2. Plant Extract

Product Benefit
White Kidney Bean Extrat Carb Borker
Phyllium Husk Fiber
Capsicum Extract Capsisin (Weight Loss)
Grape Seed Extract Powder Proanthrocyanin
Pine Bark Extract Proanthocyanin (whitening)
Acerola Cherry per Vitamin C 15 % Vitamin C 15%
Pomegranate Extract Anti oxidant
Inulin or Oligofructose Insoluble fiber
Lycopene 5% CWS Anti oxidant
Glycine China Anti oxidant
Zeaxanthin 5% CWS Anti oxidant

3. Flavour Enhancer

Product Packing
Monosodium Glutamate 25 Kgs./Bag
I&G Disodium 5' - Ribonucleotide 10 Kgs./Box
IMP Disodium 5' - Inosine 10 Kgs./Box
GMP Disodium 5' - Gulnosine 10 Kgs/Box
IMP Korea 10 Kgs/Box
GMP Korea 10 Kgs/Box
I&G Korea 10 Kgs/Box
MSG Korea 25 Kgs/Box
Plus - A Korea 20,25 Kgs/Box
Sodium Succinate Japan 20 Kgs/Box
Glycine China 20 Kgs/Box

4. Natural Food Colors

Color Product name General Name

Red Color Color

Color Mix -CA, Color Mix-CB
Red Color - OS
Red Powder - N
Red Color - LA
MSC Color K10B
Beet Red
Red Cabbage - 40L
Red Powder - CR
Cochineal Aluminium Lake
Cochineal Extract
Cochineal Extract
Laccaic Acid
Monascus Color
Beet Red
Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage

Yellow Color

Gardenia Yellow 1500 CR
Gardenia Yellow OL
Safflower Yellow 2000SA
Annotto Color -WS550
Beta - Carotene 1%
Water Soluble Paprika
Paprika Powder - WS
Marigold -L
Gardenia Yellow , Crocin
Gardenia Yellow , Crocin
Safflower Yellow
Annatto Extract
Beta - Carotene 1%
Marigold , Xanthophyll
Blue Color
Gardenia Blue SB-50
Gardenia Blue
Green Color
Gardenia Green BC
Gardenia Green BS
Gardenia Green OL
Gardenia Green BT
Gardenia Blue , Gardenia Yellow
Gardenia Blue , Gardenia Yellow
Gardenia Blue , Gardenia Yellow
Gardenia Blue , Tumeric Yellow
Blue Color
MC Brown Color
Brown Liquid Color
Cacao Color
Kaoliang Color
Kaoliang Color
Cacao Color
Violet Color
Purple Potato -BP
Gardenia Red - BRr
Pink Violet
Purple Sweet Potato Color
Kgardenia Red
Red Cabbage , Gardenia Blue

5. Flavour & Seasoning

Product Packing
Oyster Flavour
Lemon Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Rasberry 10 Kgs./Bag
Soy Sauce Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Smoke Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Salmon Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Taro Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Vanilla Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Coffee Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Kiwi Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Orange Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Chocolate Molt Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Apple Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Pineapple Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Blueberry Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Pandan Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag
Banana Flavour 10 Kgs./Bag

6. Sweetener

Product Packing
Saccharin 25 Kgs./Bag
Dextose Monohydrate 25 Kgs./Bag
D-Xylose 10 Kgs./Bag
Aspartame 25 Kgs./Drum
Acesulfame-K 25 Kgs./Drum

7. Texturizing

Product Packing
Xanthan Gum 25 Kgs./Box
Guar Gum 25 Kgs./Box
Carageenan 25 Kgs./Box

8. Preservative

Product Packing
Sodium Benzoate 25 Kgs./Box

9. Spices , Herbs

Product Packing
Garlic Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Onion Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Shallot Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Cinnamon 10,20 Kgs./Box
Cinnamon Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Anise Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Coriander Seed 10,20 Kgs./Box
Cardamon Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Bay Leaves 10,20 Kgs./Box
Turmeric 10,20 Kgs./Box
Dried Clove 10,20 Kgs./Box
Dried Clove Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Green Chilli 10,20 Kgs./Box
Dried Chilli 10,20 Kgs./Box
Hot Pepper Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
White Pepper Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Chilli Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Galanga Powderl 10,20 Kgs./Box
Rhizome Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Carrot Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Curry 10,20 Kgs./Box
Lemongrass 10,20 Kgs./Box
Tomato Powder 10,20 Kgs./Box
Oregano Leaves 10,20 Kgs./Box
Parsleys Flakes 10,20 Kgs./Box

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