About Us

We, Pure chemicals Company Limited was established in 1973. We were recognized as a leading company in Thailand, representing world-class manufacturers of food and functional ingredients worldwide, such as Korea, India, China, Europe, USA, Latin America, etc. We drive many products successfully to Thailand’s manufacturers, covering food, food supplement, beverage, dairy, bakery, confectionery, pet food, and feed industry.


Our philosophy is to create more value for our partners and customers. We have invested in the innovation center to provide the formulation and solution to our valued customers. With our long experience and strong technical sales and specialist team, we work as consultants who find the best solution and create a new concept for our valued customers. Our passion is to help them expand their business and grow together in the future.


With almost 50 years of experience, our partners and valued customers are highly satisfied with our activities, fulfillment, and service quality. For this reason, our reputation and relationship are solid with them.


In the next decade, we continue expanding our market into new segments and developing more formulation and patent ingredients. Simultaneously, we will offer more products and other services to bring the most satisfaction to our partners and valued customers. Our goal is to be a world-class and innovative company in the food and functional ingredients industry.